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Dr. Gregory Melvin, DC, BCCT

(Doctor of Chiropractic Board Certified Thermal Reading Doctor for 20+ Years)


Dr. Melvin has 35 years of chiropractic experience, 20 years of reading and interpretations of thermal imaging scans and 300 hours of radiology. He is a noted speaker who teaches and certifies doctors and technicians in thermal imaging. He has trained offices throughout the US and continues to educate himself everyday in analyzing his patient scans to help them have a better understanding of their health and health options.   



  • Cleveland Chiropractic College, Los Angeles, CA: '73– '77


  • California State Board, Los Angeles, CA: '77


  • Spinal Column Stressology (continued education ), Long Beach, CA: '78– '91 Over 300 hours


  • Parker Seminars (continued education), Fort Worth, Texas: '77-'91 Over 300 hours


  • Design Patten Spinal Stabilizing Chair, La Mesa, CA: '85 (14 year Patten FDA approved '86 as a medical device to reduce IVD stress-load)


  • International Academy of Clinical Thermology (continued education), Fresno, CA: '91 (60 hours with examination an 100 reports reviewed by examiner)


  • Thermo Reader for Thermo Vision, San Diego, CA: '91– '94 Over 600 reports


  • Color Enhanced Radiography (originated by Greg Melvin to view X-Ray from a physio-logical point of view by slight calcium density patterns noted by digitizing an color enhancement), San Diego, CA: '91– '96 Over 500 Studies


  • Thermography used the primary source of diagnoses by a practitioner taught that radiography as the only source to identify structural pathology (after taking over Thermo Vision’s digital infrared scanner in 1995), San Diego, CA: '95– '04


  • Integrative Thermo Imaging (co-founder with Linda Hayes), La Mesa , CA: 2004-present


  • Meditherm-American Academy of Clinical Thermology by Dr. Peter Leondo the originator, La Jolla , CA: 2004 over 60 hours


  • Integrative Thermo Imaging (as a Reader has read over 600 study), La Mesa, CA: 2004– present



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