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Patrice Zenz, CCT

(Certified Clinical Thermographer)

Patrice Zenz received training/certification as a Certified Thermographer from “Thermography Unlimited” in La Mesa, California with well-known Dr. Gregory Melvin, in 2010.  Dr. Melvin has been training physicians in the U.S and South America on the use of thermography for the early detection of disease.

She went in search of a safer alternative to mammograms after having her first and her last mammogram. Her experience “was painful and scary and I didn’t feel right about the exam and all the radiation exposure”.

Once Patrice found thermal imaging she felt relieved and blessed to know she could get a safe breast screening without the risk, radiation, compression and pain. She has been using thermography since 1998.

She felt compelled to share her experience with others and make more people aware of the safe alternatives available to all of us. What could be better than No Contact, No Radiation, No Pain, and the capabilities of this cutting edge technology that offers the earliest detection.

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